Mrs. Brenda Muterspaugh

Mrs. Brenda Muterspaugh


Mrs. Muterspaugh has been a calm and helpful presence at Sharon Elementary for over twenty-five years.  She believes that good manners are important and loves to talk about her amazing grandchildren.

Mrs. Muterspaugh loves the color purple, the sound of children's laughter (although she thinks that quiet is sometimes very nice, too), the smell of something delicious baking and the scent of line-dried laundry, dark chocolate, and holding babies. 

Mrs. Muterspaugh likes Dr. Seuss books because of the happy childhood memories they invoke, and because they are fun to read aloud. She doesn't have a favorite book, or single character, because there are so many she's enjoyed.

What she DOES have, though, are tons of sunrise photos.  She has thousands of them stored on the cloud, and cannot seem to stop taking more.