Mrs. Nancy Turkewitz--Guidance


Mrs. Nancy Turkewitz


Mrs. Turkewitz has been a school counselor for over seventeen years, and has been at Sharon Elementary since 2015.  As a school counselor, she enjoys helping students with any problems they may be having, either at home, with friends, and/or school. 

Outside of school, she likes to discuss and teach fitness and exercise.  In fact, she is a certified fitness instructor. 
(Zumba, anyone?) 

Mrs. Turkewitz loves seeing a beautiful sunset,  hearing a baby's laughter, smelling flowers and cookies baking, tasting chocolate and pasta, and petting her dog and cats.  Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite book is Gone with the Wind (Melanie Wilkes is her favorite character in the book, because she is quiet but strong).

Mrs. Turkewitz is proud to be a first-generation immigrant.  She became an American citizen when she was thirteen years old.