Mrs. Katie White--Speech


Mrs. Katie Bell

Mrs. White

Mrs. White has been involved in education for over eleven years, and three of those have been at Sharon Elementary.  She loves to base speech activities around themes, since students can build vocabulary and apply skills when learning about things that are currently happening in their lives.  She also enjoys making theme-based snacks, and thinks that hands-on activities are always fun!

Speaking of eleven years, Mrs. White was a Girl Scout for eleven years when she was younger.  She even achieved her Gold Award!

Some of Mrs. White's favorite things include the color pink, the sound a fan makes, the soft, minky feeling of a baby blanket, and the smell of flowers.  She also has a bit of a sweet tooth!

Mrs. White enjoys reading Ladybug Girl books, because Ladybug Girl believes she can do anything she puts her mind to, and because they encourage having a strong and outgoing personality and an incredible imagination.