Mr. Thomas "Ty" Dobbs--Principal


Mr. Thomas "Ty" Dobbs


Mr. Dobbs just completed a very eventful first year of "principalship."  He has been involved in education for just over fifteen years, with five of those being in administration.  He really enjoys working with students, faculty, and staff.

When he's not doing everything he can to make sure that everything's running smoothly at Sharon Elementary, Mr. Dobbs can likely be found (you'd have to look hard, since he'd be wearing camouflage) in local woods and fields.  He enjoys hunting and being out in nature, especially in November when the air is cold and crisp.

When he's not out and about, Mr. Dobbs likes to read North American Whitetail or Petersen's Hunting Magazine and Peter Hathaway Capstick books;
and speaking of cold and crisp, he also thinks there's nothing like an icy Coca-Cola.