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Sharon's PTO Creative Activities for Family Time!


Creative Ideas for Parents:

One of the best things youcan do with your child is to interact with them. The links below providecreative activities to share with your child. 


The Artful Parent      Simple ways to fill your family's life with art & creativity.

Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone     Creative ways to use natural & recycled materials

Deep Space Sparkle

Snow Day of Fun at Sharon Elementary

How to Get a Snow Day

  •  Put your pajamas on inside out (bonus points if your pajamas have feet).

  •  Brush you teeth with the opposite hand (harder than it sounds).

  • Flush 1 ice cube down the toilet (cubes… not crushed ice… another common mistake).

  • Sleep with a spoon under your pillow (don’t ask me why, just do it).


Snow Ice Cream Recipe


1/2 gallon of snow (clean white snow)

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

1 cup of Milk


Mix and enjoy.  



Read the Book Reviews and read a book!

The Spaghetti Book Club

James Patterson's Read Kiddo Read

SOL Links and Resources

SOL Links and Resources for the SES parents and students

Virginia SOL Review Online Quizzes

Poquoson IQ: 3rd-5th grade SOL quizzes



Great grade level review resource!

Jefferson Lab: 3rd & 5th grade SOL quizzes






Jeopardy Review

ThirdGrade Released Practice Tests


Reading Review from 2005 VDOE Released Items   Math Review from 2005 VDOE Released Items  
Science Review from 2006 VDOE Released Items Science Review from 2005 VDOE Released Items    

ThirdGrade Math Links

Alien Multiplication Farm Stand Multiplication Mystery
Mystery Picture Multiplication


2 digit Subtraction
Word Problems 2 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Fractions



E3.5 Fractions-Cross the River

Visual Fractions
Fractions by Shape

Visualizing Fractions


Counting Money   M3.13 Money Program

M3.13 Money-Toon University: Discovering Coin Values

Making Change


Bang on Time Analog and Digital Time Time for Time
The Right Time Elapsed Time



I3.9 Jungle Jim Monkeys Multiplication I3.9 Lemonade Larry Multiplication I3.9 Multiplication Refrigerator Magnets
I3.9 Jungle Jim Fisherman Multiplication I3.9 Cone Crazy Multiplication Rounding B3.2 Rounding-Seashell Rounding

ThirdGrade Science Links



Starchild Astronomy



Forces and Movement BBC


Simple Machines
BBC Space   Mr. Edheads Simple Machines Fantastic Site on Simple Machines

ThirdGrade Social Studies Links

  3rd Grade Social Studies Review Quiz    Ancient Greece Jeopardy
  Government Jeopardy Game   The Benjamin Franklin Story Part I

 The Benjamin Franklin Story Part II

 The Life of George Washington Movies      

CursiveWriting Practice

Cursive Writing

This is an excellent site whichshows the correct way to form each letter.  Be sure to scroll down and clipanimation.  Also, there are practice sheets to print in this site.

Handwriting for Kids



Quia Living Systems Quizzes & Games Quia Earth Science/Geology Quizzes & Games
Quia Matter Quizzes & Games Quia Light & Sound Review games
  Virginia History to 1861 interactive quiz, pt 1
Virginia History to 1861 interactive quiz, pt 2  

TestTaking Strategies

Harcourt Test Tutor (Reading Comprehension)   Test Taking Strategies PowerPoint
  TestQuest (be a better test-taker)  

SOLReleased Tests

SOL Released Tests

Highlights Page