Biennial Plan

Sharon Elementary Biennial and School Improvement Plan


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In order to meet the benchmarks associated with the Federal legislation guidelines and to meet state accreditation we will:

Objective 1.1 Meet or exceed the benchmark pass rate in Math and Reading on SOL tests including subgroups in grades 3, 4, & 5. Focus on SPED rate, Disadvantaged in Reading and Math. Maintain solid attendance rate.


Objective 1.2 Meet or exceed the 70 percent pass rate on the Science and History SOL tests including proficiency gap groups.

Objective 1.3 Assist the division in meeting annual benchmarks for increasing the graduation rate.





Objective 2.1 Meet or exceed the 95 percent average daily attendance

for the school year 2017-18. Focus on proficiency gap group

attendance rate.


Objective 2.2 Maintain a Character Counts Log


Objective 2.3 Provide a D.A.R.E. Program for grade 5 students along with

Second Step and new foundation program


Objective 2.4 Provide a Bullying Prevention Program, Classroom Internet Safety Curriculum, Family Life curriculum for all students.






Objective 3.1 Provide opportunities for Teacher/Staff recognition


Objective 3.2 Maintain effective communication with all staff


Objective 3.3 Provide opportunities for Professional Development for staff

Objective 3.4 Continue staff development for meeting Rigorous SMART Goal creation and increased benefit of student performance/growth ratio.

Objective 3.5 All SES employees will follow appropriate policies and regulations (ACPS and State) in regards to the school’s special education student population, as well as other identified subgroups.





Objective 4.1 Provide Parent/Volunteer Programs and recognition


Objective 4.2 Maintain effective communication with parents and community


Objective 4.3 Maintain school-community involvement documentation


Objective 4.4 Maintain an up-to-date and informative school website





Objective 5. 1 Provide for students and staff an environment that is

conducive to learning; clean, safe, efficient, drug free, and exhibits the six pillars of character.


Objective 5.2 Maintain an up-to-date school crisis plan and emergency procedures guide.


Objective 5.3 Conduct as mandated or as necessary security, fire, and safety audits and drills.





Objectives 1.1 & 1.2


Students in combined proficiency gap groups and individual subgroups will be identified. Instruction for these students will be monitored regularly, via EIMS watch list, universal screeners, etc.

Students that have been retained one or more years will be identified.

Instruction for these students will be tailored to fill in deficiencies among SOL subject matter. Non-sped students will begin documented engagement with instructional interventions.

Past and current: SOL test data/SPBQ, PALs test data, IA, other universal screeners (ARDT, VMath, Barton, First in Math, and STAR) and teacher data will be used for making instructional decisions and for differentiating instruction as well as providing basis for students growth indicators.

Teachers will use materials (technology resources, EPAT, released test items, enhanced technology items, etc.) that will familiarize students with the format (multiple choice ) for the SOL Testing Program.

5. Teachers will use the Virginia Standards of Learning assessments released

tests items, the curriculum framework, curriculum guides and appropriate lesson plan formatting along with aligned assessment for improving instruction and student learning.

6. All students with an IEP or a 504 will be given all applicable accommodations and modifications for the SOL Testing Program and if applicable will be tested under alternative test methods.


7. Students identified by past test results or by teacher recommendation will receive services in the Title I classroom, remediation classroom, RTI initiative and/or special education classroom as applicable.


8. Greater emphasis on 3rd – 5th grade Reading/Math (proficiency gap groups-SPED and Disadvantaged) instruction using multidisciplinary themes and cross curriculum teaching, higher order learning skills/strategies to close the SOL pass rate gap for the upcoming school year.




Objective 1.3


1. At risk” and disadvantaged students must be identified as early as possible. 2. Monitor progress of “at riskstudents with a focus on reading skills in pre-assessed grades, utilize ARC, STAR, and Barton.


3. Monitor other contributing factors to academic success of at risk students:

attendance, behavior, medical, etc.



Objective 2.1


1. All parents will receive a copy of the Alleghany County Parent/Student  

Handbook containing the Guidelines for School and Class Attendance.

2. Inform and educate the parents and students concerning the importance

of daily and punctual attendance. This will be carried out by Principal’s

newsletters, PTO newsletters, parent advisory meetings, PTO meetings,

letters, notes and telephone calls from staff.

Objective 2.2

1. Principal and staff will maintain a School Character Counts Log

providing documentation that our students and staff adhere to the

six pillars of character.


Objective 2.3


1. With the cooperation and support of the Alleghany County Sheriff’s

office, our fifth grade students will be provided the opportunity to

participate in the D.A.R.E. Program. All students that successfully

complete the program will attend a graduation program.


Objective 2.4


All students at Sharon Elementary school will be provided the opportunity

to receive instruction in “Bully Prevention” and Internet Safety. This

instruction will conducted mainly in conjunction with guidance and classroom support. Guidance department will also utilize community resources to enhance stated curriculum throughout the year.




Objective 3.1

1. Teachers/staff will be recognized (at school board meetings, faculty meetings, PTO meetings, end of the year programs, during American Education Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and in newsletters and local newspaper) for their efforts/programs that challenge the normal school day routine in excelling the learning of our students.


Objective 3.2


1. Maintain effective two way communication with all staff through a variety of

methods such as classified staff and faculty meetings, principal will be visible

and accessible to staff, use of faculty/staff handbook, written memos to staff

as needed, increase in use of technological communication methods and conf.  



Objective 3.3

1. Staff development will be scheduled throughout the school year. Staff development will be used to improve instruction, student learning, and school climate. Monies, will be utilized for development opportunities in regards to most beneficial/effective for staff.



Objective 3.4


Assist in mentoring of new staff with strategies and knowledge of best practices. All teachers and staff at Sharon Elementary school will be evaluated according to the guidelines and practices established by the VDOE and the Alleghany County Public  

School Board.






Objective 4.1

Parent volunteer orientation will be held yearly during the first six weeks of

school and subsequently on an as needed basis. At this time copies of the volunteer handbook will be distributed and reviewed. Appropriate documentation must be completed by all volunteers. Volunteers will be recognized at the April school board meeting, during volunteer week in May, and at the end of the year volunteer luncheon.



Objective 4.2


Effective communication with parents will be established by various methods such as “Open House”, parent advisory meetings, PTO meetings, parent/teacher conferences, newsletters, website, programs at school such as family book fair night, and letters, notes and telephone calls from faculty/staff.


2. Effective communication with the community will be established through

school/community programs such as visits to Highland House, partnerships

with the Sharon Ruritan Club, the Alleghany County Sheriff’s Office, Local

Modern Woodmen of America, Boy/Girl Scouts, REC dept, and the

Sharon Volunteer Fire Department.

Objective 4.3


Teachers will maintain a parent contact log for parent conference and

telephone calls to parents.


The principal will maintain a log for documenting school/community programs and area partnerships.


Objective 4.4


1. Sharon Elementary school will maintain a school website providing parent,

students and members of the community useful information about Sharon

Elementary School and its instructional programs. A principal’s newsletter

will be created each month in conjunction with school website, information

will be updated at regular intervals.



Objective 5.1


1. The principal with the support of administrative services will monitor

the building and grounds of Sharon Elementary School in order to provide the

students and staff a clean, safe, drug free environment that is also conducive

to learning and exhibits the six pillars of character.



Objective 5.2


Sharon Elementary School will maintain a school safety/emergency

management plan. All staff members will receive a revised copy of the school crisis management plan each school year. The principal will review the plan with all staff members minimum 2x/year.


Objective 5.3


1. The principal with support from the members of our school safety team,

administrative services, and community support will conduct scheduled

security, fire and safety drills/audits.

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