Mrs. Connie Puckett--Fifth Grade

Mrs. Connie Puckett


Mrs. Puckett has been teaching for over twenty-six years, and just under half of those have been at Sharon Elementary.  She loves teaching all things grammar and math. 

Mrs. Puckett also loves it when everything starts growing and blooming in the springtime.  She enjoys the smell and taste of warm chocolate chip cookies, and thinks there's nothing better than hearing children's laughter or giving and receiving and big hug.

Mrs. Puckett's favorite children's book is Parts, by Ted Arnold, and as for "grown-up" books, she likes those written by John Grisham.

Did you know that Mrs. Puckett is licensed to sell real estate?  It's true!  You really do learn something new every day, both about Mrs. Puckett and from Mrs. Puckett!