Mrs. Jill Smith--Special Education


Mrs. Jill Smith


Mrs. Smith has "officially" been a teacher for just over ten years, but believes she's been teaching for her entire life, because every student is a teacher.  She has been at Sharon Elementary for just over seven years. Mrs. Smith loves to teach all subjects, but she especially loves to teach reading! She loves seeing children learn new vocabulary and connect it to their own lives, and seeing them figure out the ways in which characters change and evolve. She thinks it's amazing to see a child's world open up as they learn how to read words and apply what they learn. 

Mrs. Smith enjoys many things, including: looking at the trees in the fall (the leaves are beautiful, and driving through the Virginia mountains makes her soul happy); hearing the sounds of life with her children and extended family (even when things get crazy, which with five children they often do); smelling rain, which takes her back to her childhood; tasting yummy homemade food; and holding a newborn baby.

Mrs. Smith loves to read!  She enjoys books of all different genres--anything from The Rats of Nimh to Little Women to The Baby-Sitters Club.  The only kind of book she doesn't like is the super scary or gruesome kind. 

Once upon a time, when Mrs. Smith was a high school student,
she won a state competition for "extemporaneous speaking."